Ricoth.Men and machines.

Ricoth was born from men’s experience.
Men who believe in the machine, in its ability to relieve men efforts and to make the courses of ceramic production more rapid, accurate, secure and cheap.

Ricoth believes in men above all.

Because the machines have not a ethical thought or the curiosity to travel by sea for the pure pleasure of the discovery, accepting new challenges.
Ricoth grew up on the basis of confidence of ceramic workers’trust.
A trust reached thanks to hard work, following and proposing new routes of ceramic technology.

Ricoth began its activities in response to specific requests, implementing and proposing the application of new technologies, developing its own new projects through a high quality way.

Men and machines.

This experience allowed Ricoth to develop a global know how about the cycles of production and about the needs of the ceramic industry, managing the work of technicians and workmen with security and expertise.

Men with whom it has a simple and direct relationship. As with customers that can see Ricoth like a partner that is skilful and available to work together with transparency, in order to find the right solution to problems. Both from a technical and a buisness point of view.